1. 100% Organic Aloe in the Raw 19May

    100% Organic Aloe in the Raw

    Everyone is looking to keep their skin healthy and looking beautiful. Finding options that are all-natural add another level of difficulty to this endeavor. Aloe vera has a wide variety of benefits for your body to promote your health and well-being. Our 100% Organic Aloe in the Raw brings the best of nature to your skin.


    Why use Aloe Vera?


    Organic products give a sense of self-care you cannot achieve from other products. Utilizing natural and organic ingredients allows us to find the health benefits we are looking for while showing

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  2. Supporting Healthy Glucose Levels While Enjoying Your Favorite Foods 13May

    Supporting Healthy Glucose Levels While Enjoying Your Favorite Foods

    The diets of Americans have changed which has increased the amount and/or types of carbohydrates in their diet. Due to this change, blood sugar metabolism has become a consistent issue in the lives of people who live in North America. We all enjoy our food and spending quality time with family and friends. With this in mind, we have created Level G Plus to maintain healthy levels without giving up the excitement. *

    Because of this, people are seeking to find alternatives for maintaining healthy glucose levels.

    Maintaining healthy glucose levels can allow you to enjoy your life. Finding natural ingredients that can assist in this task is difficult, but not impossible!

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  3. Rest Easy with Natural Dreams 13May

    Rest Easy with Natural Dreams

    Sleep is one of the most important factors for maintaining our physical and mental health. Studies have shown sleeping less then seven (7) hours a day can lead to problems in your everyday life. There are many factors that contribute to a good night’s rest, one of the main issues being sleep latency (amount of time it takes to fall asleep). Another major factor is not accessing the deeper sleep stages which allow for maximum recovery.

    Sleep Disruptive Technology

    Large brands such as Apple® have introduced new product features such as True Tones as a less disruptive light option. This reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the screen. Research has suggested that blue light can affect our sleep by throwing off our circadian rhythm. These technological barriers can attribute to:

    • Difficulty waking up refreshed in the morning
    • Not maximizing deep sleep stages

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  4. Maizinol: The Hidden Connection Between Corn and Better Quality Sleep 14Apr

    Maizinol: The Hidden Connection Between Corn and Better Quality Sleep

    What is Maizinol® - a Zea-mays (corn leaf)-derived, patented, clinically proven natural sleep aid, stress and mood health ingredient that contains proprietary standardized natural compounds known to bind to melatonin receptors and produce melatonin-like effects for better sleep quality.*

    What is meant by falling asleep?

    (Mechanics of Sleep Cycles and Quality)

    Non-REM – three-stage cycle of sleep

    Sleep studies show that 75-80% of a person’s journey falling to sleep is spent transitioning through the first three stages of these identified sleep cycles. Lighter sleeping cycles are associated with stages 1-2.

    Stage 1 – occurs as you first fall asleep, and people are sometimes not aware they have just fallen asleep yet. Followed by a relaxing state of bei

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  5. Discover Univestin 09Mar

    Discover Univestin

    What is Univestin?

    A scientifically formulated natural food-based composition clinically proven to support joint flexibility, comfort, and mobility.*

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  6. Top Seasonal Benefits for Using Medicinal Aloe Vera 10Nov

    Top Seasonal Benefits for Using Medicinal Aloe Vera

    Year-round, the mighty aloe vera plant provides seasonal nourishment and dietary support for your body. Here are a few of the most common reasons people seek to supplement their diets with the many benefits of medicinal aloe vera throughout the year.

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