1. End of Summer Flash Sale - Enjoy 20% off Xtra Concentrate! 29Aug

    End of Summer Flash Sale - Enjoy 20% off Xtra Concentrate!

    To celebrate Labor Day, we have created an exclusive offer you will not want to miss! 


    Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and became a federal holiday in 1894. It is a day we get to spend with our family and enjoy the rewards of working hard and building a career for yourself that you can be proud of. 

    Experience the amazing benefits of Xtra® Concentrate for 20% off for a limited time! 



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  2. Buy One Get One 50% off Sale! 25% Off Additional Purchases! 15Aug

    Buy One Get One 50% off Sale! 25% Off Additional Purchases!

    As we approach the end of summer, this is the time to set out and accomplish those summer adventures and tasks you have been putting off. From taking your family on the last vacation before it is time to get the kids back to school, a trip with your friends to escape reality for a bit, or work that needs to be completed around the house while the weather is nice. 

    We need to feel healthy to finish August off in the best way possible. The sun is out, let us make sure you can enjoy it! 

    Enjoy Buy One Get One 50% off on select products! Looking for more? You can receive 25% off additional purchases

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  3. Full-Spectrum Support with MaxCell 08Aug

    Full-Spectrum Support with MaxCell

    Maxcell is a 30-day renewal system that is a dietary supplement focused on delivering full-spectrum support for overall health.

    What Does That Mean?

    Maxcell is a mixture of natural plant extracts that can be used to deliver a variety of biologically active agents. These are compounds that can engage in and influence an organ, tissue or cell. Some common examples of this would be enzymes, drugs, vitamins, and phytochemicals. The goal of Maxcell is to enhance the performance of active ingredients to magnify communication between cells and response to active nutrients by providing renewal of the “building blocks” of life-cells. *

    What exactly is Maxcell™? It is formulated from a novel combination of natural plant extra

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  4. Civics Day Saving Sale! 20% Off km®! 28Jul

    Civics Day Saving Sale! 20% Off km®!

    Anytime we can get a day off from work is something we can all find happiness in. For this holiday, why don't we take some time to learn about a product that could truly benefit your life? Km has been inn production for 100 years and has benefitted the lives of millions of people. Feel better going back to work knowing that you did something to enhance your overall well-being!

    We are excited to offer an incredible deal on km for you! Enjoy 20% off km to experience the benefits of this product for yourself!

    Km has been in production for 100 years and has benefitted millions of people by increasing their overall well-being. Be sure to take advantage of this deal, it will disappear in a FLASH!


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  5. Buy One, Get One 50% Off Mix and Match Mid Summer Sale! 15Jul

    Buy One, Get One 50% Off Mix and Match Mid Summer Sale!

    What is better than beautiful weather in the summer time? Having enough energy to accomplish the tasks ahead of you without the limitations that come around as you age.

    To keep you feeling young and fit, we are offering an exclusive Buy One, Get One 50% off select products with discount code MIDSUM! Enjoy the freedom to mix and match these products! Limit of two (2) of the select sales products per transaction.

    How To Redeem

    Follow these steps to apply this discount!

    • Step One: Add two (2) of our selected products to your shopping cart (Energel, Femme Vitale, OptiX, and L'initié® Vera Pure)
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  6. Find Your Natural Energy with Energel! 28Jun

    Find Your Natural Energy with Energel!

    Having the energy to complete everything on your mind can be difficult. We are all looking for options to increase our energy levels without the side effects rooted in the product we choose. The elevated levels of caffeine and sugar create energy, but sadly, it is short lived. Once you start to come down from the increased energy, you can be left with a headache, restlessness and feeling fatigued.

    Discover your new, low calorie, low carb, and low sugar energy drink alternative with Energel today!

    What Causes the Crash from Energy Drinks?

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