1. Aloe Select Flash Sale - 20% off single bottles! 27Sep

    Aloe Select Flash Sale - 20% off single bottles!

    Sadly, the time has come to say goodbye to summer. As we transition to fall, it is time to take action and prepare our bodies for the upcoming changes. When we do not have as much daylight and the weather is colder, it brings the concerns of not feeling your best. But how do you prepare your body to maintain your health with these upcoming weather changes? Look to aloe Select to provide support! 

    Aloe vera can support your immunity and allow you to keep feeling your best! With the prebiotics found in aloe, you can maintain healthy gut health, where as much as 70% of your immune system resides.

    To make this an easy choice, we are offering a flash sale

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  2. How Polysaccharides Benefit Your Health 21Sep

    How Polysaccharides Benefit Your Health

    Aloe is a popular supplement that has been used throughout the world. In recent years, Aloe has become quite popular in the United States and other countries to maintain your body’s health. We have pioneered the isolation of various parts of the Aloe vera plant to find the key molecules that aid us in maintaining our health and well-being. *


    One of the major molecules found inside aloe is polysaccharides. 

    What are polysaccharides? 


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  3. End of Summer Flash Sale - Enjoy 20% off Xtra Concentrate! 29Aug

    End of Summer Flash Sale - Enjoy 20% off Xtra Concentrate!

    To celebrate Labor Day, we have created an exclusive offer you will not want to miss! 


    Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and became a federal holiday in 1894. It is a day we get to spend with our family and enjoy the rewards of working hard and building a career for yourself that you can be proud of. 

    Experience the amazing benefits of Xtra® Concentrate for 20% off for a limited time! 



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  4. Buy One Get One 50% off Sale! 25% Off Additional Purchases! 15Aug

    Buy One Get One 50% off Sale! 25% Off Additional Purchases!

    As we approach the end of summer, this is the time to set out and accomplish those summer adventures and tasks you have been putting off. From taking your family on the last vacation before it is time to get the kids back to school, a trip with your friends to escape reality for a bit, or work that needs to be completed around the house while the weather is nice. 

    We need to feel healthy to finish August off in the best way possible. The sun is out, let us make sure you can enjoy it! 

    Enjoy Buy One Get One 50% off on select products! Looking for more? You can receive 25% off additional purchases

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  5. Canada Day Savings! 27Jun

    Canada Day Savings!

    Holiday weekends are perfect for enjoying some time outdoors and cherishing the company of friends and family. With our busy work schedules, it is nice to be able to sit down, unwind, and enjoy quality time dedicated to re-energizing you for the week ahead.

    Canada Day is perfect for this! Enjoy a firework show, lighting up some sparklers with the kids, or having a meal with loved ones, there is no better recipe to recover from a busy work week.

    Looking to take this holiday weekend over the top? Enjoy our exclusive offer for FREE Aloe in the Raw on new orders over $30 with discount code “CANDAY” while supplies last!

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    • Step Two: Add Aloe in the Raw to your shopping cart.
    • Step Three:
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  6. Maintaining Glucose Levels with Aloe Vera 29May

    Maintaining Glucose Levels with Aloe Vera

    What is Loesyn? Loesyn™ is a proprietary composition containing a unique combination of Aloe chromone in Aloe vera leaf gel powder clinically proven to maintain healthy glucose levels and normal insulin sensitivity already in normal ranges. *

    Everyone should be focused on maintaining their health, but it is not always easy to do. There is a variety of options for healthier living, but how do you know what is right for you? Finding ways to support your blood glucose levels is important.

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